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Mission of the project

The mission of Peace Antz Academy is to provide a free practical education to the masses and allow educators to earn adequate income. By providing opportunities for learning and skill development, the Academy aims to foster a community of artists, technologists and learners who are dedicated to spreading positivity, kindness, and understanding through their work. The ultimate goal of Peace Antz Academy is to inspire and support individuals to use their talents to make a positive impact on their communities.



Create courses, get sponsored, and enable people to learn from a course design of your choosing. Teachers are incentivezed with a payment and are responsible for setting up their own courses.


Keep yourself accountable by staking to enroll and lockup funds until course is passed. Crucial for personal and professional development, as well as for growth and progress in society as a whole. 


Support education, scout for talent and contribute to the growth and development of the community


Peace Antz Academy is guided by the needs and interests of its users, leading to a more equitable and democratic learning experience for everyone.



Contact peaceantz@gmail.com or @PeaceAntz on most social media platforms to get more information on the project